Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Blogosphere, Can You Hear Me?

Blog: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log (according to Dictionary.com)

Blog: where you write witty stories hoping to impress random strangers surfing the web; something that you start on Tuesday night when you should be sleeping; an online diary that you quickly forget about, very hard to keep up with (according to yours truly)

I'll be honest, this is my 3rd blog. My first was an attempted fashion blog. I managed about 15 posts over the course of a year. My second died after the 1st post. My track record isn't looking so good... But I will persevere and carve myself a niche in the world wide web. I suppose I'll need a theme in order to do so but I don't want to restrict my blog to one subject so I venture forth, themeless, unlearned, and misguided. Onward!

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